*Please note: This isn't a very recent photo. Some have left the group and others have been added to the group. We will have a new photo up soon.
Anthony Ardolino: Co-Founder, Lead investigator, case manager.  
Specializes in: EMF, EVP, and spirit photography.  
Nancy Fortin: Co-Founder and Vice President.
Specializes in: spirit photography, pendulum, and EVP.
Phyllis Ardolino: Co-Founder.
Specializes in: Dowsing Rods.
Michelle LaFontaine: Merchandise.
Specializes in: EMF and Photography. NEPI's sensitive.
James Paradie: Media and Publicist.
Specializes in: RT-EVP, Ghost Box, and EVP.
Lewkis MacBean:
Specializes in: Spirit photography.
Faith MacBean: Secretary.
Specializes in: NEPI's sensitive.
Part Time Investigators:
Keegan MacBean
Dustin Starr
Nikki Ardolino: Retired in 2011.

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