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August 16th, 2008

August 16th 2008

Location: Private residence in Bethlehem, NH.

Team: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Michelle and Phyllis.

Clients Experiences: a bathroom window opened on its own, plant moved also.

Equipment: Camera 1 outside pointed at the fire pit. Camera 2 in master bedroom pointing into bathroom.digital recorders and cameras emf meter.

Investigation: Cameras were set up. Evp and pendulum sessions were held outside by fire pit, in the master bedroom, the bathroom, child's bedroom, and living room. Just a quick note, pendulum session was absolutely flat no response at all. This was strange because we always get some activity.

Personal Experiences: There were none.

Evidence: Surprisingly we did get a few EVPs.

Conclusion: We did catch some EVPs but I do not think this location is haunted.

August 9th, 2008

Location: Cottage street, Littleton, NH

Team Members: Tony, Nikki, Nancy and Michelle

History: This location was once a farm house the used as a store and for storage. Now it has several businesses and apartments.

Activity: doors opening by themselves, seeing apparitions of a woman in second floor window, creepy feeling in basement.

Equipment: 2 cameras in basement - 1 facing the closet and one facing the far end of the building. 1 camera in an office digital recorders kII meter and cell sensor emf meter.

Investigation: Cameras were set up in the basement and on the first floor. EVP  sessions were conducted in basement an office areas. Pendulum / EVP sessions conducted in large office.

Personal Experiences: Michelle felt something tug on her shirt in the basement. Nikki and Michelle heard a child's voice in the same area. They also heard squeaks in response to questions but come to find out that there were mice. Tony saw a shadow move at the end of the cellar. Nancy and Michelle used the KII and were getting responses to yes and no questions.

Evidence: We caught several EVPs.

Conclusion: We had a great time on this investigation. It was laid back and the clients were really happy with the evidence. I feel that there is paranormal activity here but not out right haunted.

June 28th, 2008

Date: 6/28/2008
Location: Littleton, NH

Team: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Michelle, Keegan

Client Experience: Sees two apparitions- one male that she describes as a teenager and a young boy about 3-4 years old. She sees the young boy on the stairwell, in the hallway and in the living room. The “teen” is seen only downstairs.
Equipment: 3 stationary cameras, camcorder, digital audio recorders, EMF meters-cell sensor and K2

Personal experience: While on a break outside the house, Tony saw a shadow peeking out of a window. Michelle and Nikki felt dizziness in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Homeowner heard someone in the basement although there was no one there.

Investigation: still cameras were placed in the den, hallway and stairwell. EVP sessions conducted in den, hallway, kitchen, and basement. Pendulum session recorded with camcorder and k2 was set up on the table.
Evidence: Conclusion: Based on EVP evidence and responses from the K2 meter, we feel that there is paranormal activity in the residence.

June 7th, 2008

Date: 6/7/2008
Location: private residence in Littleton, NH

Team: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Michelle

Equipment: 3 stationary cameras, digital camera, digital audio recorders
Client Experience: Homeowner sees lights in bedroom when she wakes up at night. She feels that she is followed up the stairs. Husband doesn’t experience these things. Daughter has seen the apparition of her aunt in her bedroom. She sensed that the spirit was unhappy.

Investigation: Cameras were placed on the stairs, in the master bedroom and in client’s daughter’s room. EMF and temp. readings were taken in every room. EVP sessions were conducted in the basement, daughter’s room, and the oldest son’s room.
Personal Experience: Tony saw shadows in daughter’s room. Upon entering the oldest son’s room, the track lighting flickered on and off. We tested the floor and bumped into the switch to make it happen again, but nothing happened. During the EVP session in the basement, there were scratching sounds which seemed to correspond with our questions. Upon further investigation, we discovered a small hole in the ceiling, which could allow for a small creature to be there.

Evidence: pictures of track lighting and around a cold spot in the kitchen.
Conclusion: Due to responses during EVP sessions, we feel that the client’s daughter could be sensitive to spirit activity and is visited by her aunt occasionally. We also feel that we contacted a former owner of the house through pendulum dowsing and that “she” is the one who follows the client up the stairs.

Note: During the reveal to the homeowners, we were told that the client no longer feels as though she is being followed up the stairs. We determined that if there was spirit activity in the house, it wasn’t malignant. -Nikki

October 26th, 2007

October 26th 2007

Bethlehem NH

Team Members: Tony and Shannon

Equipment: Digital camera, digital voice recorder, and K II meter.

Investigation: This investigation is the second cemetery we have done. I like doing cemeteries because I have lived next to one for over thirty years.I am very comfortable in them. Although there is no one to help per say, I still think the spirits might welcome the opportunity to communicate. This being said, I hope to do more such investigations. We arrived at the location around 8:30pm. This investigation was supposed to include Nikki, Nancy, and Michele, but they could not make it that night. The two of us parked and wandered around while I took pictures and Shannon ran the recorder. We walked the grounds at least twice asking questions and snapping pictures. I had felt something at one point and Shannon had seen a shadow moving away from us. We left and went to the second cemetery in Bethlehem. This one is much older and an apparition of a lady has been seen there. Once again we took photos and did some recording. We left about 10:00pm.

Personal Experiences: Aside from the strange feeling I got, I had no other experiences. Shannon saw a shadow which she described as kind of skipping across the ground. Other than that, not much else.

Evidence: We did catch some EVPs and photos. Here they are.


Conclusion: I feel that because it is the final resting place of many people, a cemetery by default should have some paranormal activity. This one did. Tony - Lead Investigator.

September 8th, 2007

September 8th 2007

Lisbon, NH.

Team Members: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Keegan, Michele, Shannon, Alan, and guest investigator RJ.

Outside Temp: 65 - 70.

Inside Temp: 78 downstairs 80 - 82 upstairs.

EMF Readings: Breaker box in cellar and outlets had small readings.

Equipment: Camera 1 pointing up stairs. Camera 2 hallway. Camera 3 blue bedroom. Voice recorders, Digital cameras, IR cameras.

History: The house, which is located on five acres, is over a hundred years old. According to one account, it was built on or near a native American meeting place or village. Arrowheads and such have been found on the property. It also stands next to the Grovehill Cemetery. The current owners are George and Kathy Ardolino.

Activity: My family has lived in this house for over thirty years. I have seen my bedroom closet door open on its own many times. Most family members have seen shadows move across the upstairs hallway. A phantom cat has been seen recently running up the stairs. The smell of perfume has been experienced. Knocks and thumps have been heard.

Investigation: My parents went out of town for vacation, giving us the chance to do an investigation. We have wanted to do one for awhile. We set up base camp in the dining room. After setting up the equipment, we began with evp sessions. There were several groups going at the same time. After a couple of hours, we decided to go into the cemetery. We had done this one before, but not all of us. We had several recorders and cameras going. We did a pendulum session using two pendulums. We were trying to contact a friend who had passed. We seemed to, but then something else started to take over. We stopped and head back to the house. We stopped to say a prayer before leaving. Once back at the house, some of us went up to the " blue room" for evp and pendulum work. We had a good session. By now it was past 1:00 am and we decided to pack up and go home.

We caught some evps. No photos.
Conclusion: Although we did not catch any photographic proof, the evps were good ones. I am wondering about the check attic one. I have been in the attic several times and never noticed anything out of the ordinary. I will try to get back into it again and bring a camera and a recorder. I feel this place is haunted but I am biased. What do you think? Tony

August 18th, 2007

August 18th 2007

: Grove Hill Cemetery, Lisbon, NH

Team Members: Tony, Nikki, Nancy

Equipment: Digital Cameras, Digital Audio Recorder, Mini DV

Investigation: The investigation began at 8:30. Nancy and I walked through taking pictures. We started walking up a hill and began to do audio recordings. There was an orange crescent moon and I tried to take a picture of it, but it wouldn't come out right. We reached the grave of a friend who has passed recently, and Tony and Nancy attempted to communicate with him using the digital recorder. We moved on after 15 minutes. I continued to take pictures as we walked along. The batteries in Nancy's camera died, and a short while later, Tony got a weird feeling and I snapped more pictures in his direction. We tried using the Mini DV, but the auto focus wasn't working right. We stopped for a while to rest on a wall and the feeling passed. We went on after about 15 minutes and walked down the hill. We crossed the ravine to an older section of the cemetery and stopped at the Mausoleum. We used the digital recorder to ask questions and were there for about 20 minutes. We finished walking through and went home around 10:30

Personal Experiences: Tony experienced a weird feeling at the top of one of the hills. We saw shadows that coincided with this feeling. As we were walking back, I was talking to Tony and thought that he was standing right next to me because I saw a person in my peripheral vision. When he replied to my question, he was five feet behind me. I don't know who I saw.

Evidence: We caught photos and EVP's.

This shadow was not in frame while taking the picture.

Another shadow, again not in the frame while taking it.

Conclusion: Based on the evidence collected, I would say that there is definitely paranormal activity. We may do follow-up investigations in the future to gather more evidence. Nikki Ardolino