Tuesday, May 28, 2013

June 28th, 2008

Date: 6/28/2008
Location: Littleton, NH

Team: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Michelle, Keegan

Client Experience: Sees two apparitions- one male that she describes as a teenager and a young boy about 3-4 years old. She sees the young boy on the stairwell, in the hallway and in the living room. The “teen” is seen only downstairs.
Equipment: 3 stationary cameras, camcorder, digital audio recorders, EMF meters-cell sensor and K2

Personal experience: While on a break outside the house, Tony saw a shadow peeking out of a window. Michelle and Nikki felt dizziness in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Homeowner heard someone in the basement although there was no one there.

Investigation: still cameras were placed in the den, hallway and stairwell. EVP sessions conducted in den, hallway, kitchen, and basement. Pendulum session recorded with camcorder and k2 was set up on the table.
Evidence: Conclusion: Based on EVP evidence and responses from the K2 meter, we feel that there is paranormal activity in the residence.

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