Tuesday, May 28, 2013

August 18th, 2007

August 18th 2007

: Grove Hill Cemetery, Lisbon, NH

Team Members: Tony, Nikki, Nancy

Equipment: Digital Cameras, Digital Audio Recorder, Mini DV

Investigation: The investigation began at 8:30. Nancy and I walked through taking pictures. We started walking up a hill and began to do audio recordings. There was an orange crescent moon and I tried to take a picture of it, but it wouldn't come out right. We reached the grave of a friend who has passed recently, and Tony and Nancy attempted to communicate with him using the digital recorder. We moved on after 15 minutes. I continued to take pictures as we walked along. The batteries in Nancy's camera died, and a short while later, Tony got a weird feeling and I snapped more pictures in his direction. We tried using the Mini DV, but the auto focus wasn't working right. We stopped for a while to rest on a wall and the feeling passed. We went on after about 15 minutes and walked down the hill. We crossed the ravine to an older section of the cemetery and stopped at the Mausoleum. We used the digital recorder to ask questions and were there for about 20 minutes. We finished walking through and went home around 10:30

Personal Experiences: Tony experienced a weird feeling at the top of one of the hills. We saw shadows that coincided with this feeling. As we were walking back, I was talking to Tony and thought that he was standing right next to me because I saw a person in my peripheral vision. When he replied to my question, he was five feet behind me. I don't know who I saw.

Evidence: We caught photos and EVP's.

This shadow was not in frame while taking the picture.

Another shadow, again not in the frame while taking it.

Conclusion: Based on the evidence collected, I would say that there is definitely paranormal activity. We may do follow-up investigations in the future to gather more evidence. Nikki Ardolino

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