Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Gray House

Gray house

Location: Lisbon, New Hampshire.

Activity: Faces are seen looking out windows.  Cellar door opens by itself.  A lady in white has been seen.

History: A typical house where people have come and gone over the years.  No apparent tragedy has happened.

Investigation: This is a unique situation.  We have been into this house on many occasions to do investigations.  The house is a rental property.  Nancy is the caretaker of sorts.  She does the cleaning between guests and generally watches over the place.  This lets us go in to train and do small investigations, when it is not being rented.  We can go in and have the freedom to try new techniques and test out new equipment.  We have done at least four of these training sessions, over the past year.  Hopefully, we can continue to do this for a while.

Evidence: There have been many pictures taken here. Some show orbs and   one had a mist in it. I have had a personal experience here. We had planned on doing a full investigation, when a big storm came in that afternoon. It knocked the power out, so we decided to do a scaled down one instead. With the power being out, it was really dark. We were up in the master bedroom  doing an EVP and pendulum session, when I had the feeling that something was in the doorway. Just as I looked up, the headlights from a passing car illuminated something white in the doorway. I was so shocked that my feet were moving, but I was not. I liken it to a Scooby Doo reaction, the one where his feet are moving but he is not. It was an interesting experience. It just shows that even when you want to see something happen, it’s still scares you what it does. My sister Nancy has experienced the cellar door opening several times. It never happens when someone is watching it. I tried to reproduce this but when the doors shut it is latch tightly. Here is what we caught so far.

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