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August 12th, 2006

August 12th 2006
Location: Lunenburg, Vermont - an old farm house.

Team members: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, And Keegan.

Equipment: EMF meter, tape recorder, digital cameras. Wired IR camera in spare room, wireless IR camera in storage room over kitchen, camcorder in attic.

What has been experienced: The phone line cuts in and out. Footsteps were heard above the kitchen. The previous owner felt someone get into bed with him.

History: The original owner died on the property.

The investigation: We arrived at the house at 8:00pm. We did a walk through with the renter and they told us of their experiences. After hearing the stories, we decided where to set up the base camp and cameras. Base camp was set up in the downstairs hallway. I sent Nikki and Nancy to take photos while Keegan and I set the camp.

Once everything was up and running, we did EMF sweeps. EMF was normal. We did not get any spikes all night. We did not get any evidence during this investigation. We stopped about 1:00am.

Personal experiences: Nancy had a weird feeling in the office. While I was doing EMF sweeps with Keegan, I had a mental flash. It was a woman crouched down in one of the back bedrooms. She did not seem friendly. Later that night, we did some EVP and pendulum dowsing in that room. We seem to contact a spirit that was not friendly. It wanted us out. When we listened to the EVPs, we did not get anything.

Conclusion: Aside from a few personal experiences, we did not catch any evidence. At this time, I would have to say the house appears not to be haunted. I would like to do a follow up because we have better equipment and more experience.

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