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April 21st, 2007

April 21st 2007

Kent and Julie Berwick residence East Peacham VT.

Team Members: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Keegan, and Michelle.

Equipment: IR camera in the kitchen. Wireless camera in the master bedroom. Small wired camera in upstairs bedroom. Digital camera, digital recorders, and Sony mini DV.

Activity: Doors open. Latches open. Items fall off shelves. Cold spots. Phantom smells.

History: The house used to be Kent's grandmother Della's. They finally had to move her out because of health reasons. She has since passed on and Kent and Julie have moved in. The grandmother was not happy about having to leave.

Investigation: We arrived at a little past 8:00pm. Julie gave us a walk through telling us where the activity has been happening. As Keegan and I set up base camp in the living room, the others went off to do EMF sweeps and photos. During the time the girls were upstairs taking pictures, they had the door to the attic open. As they were taking pictures, the door to the attic slammed shut right in front of them. Unfortunately, we were not recording and didn't catch this on film. After that, we all expected a lot of activity. We did the usual EVP and pendulum session. We seemed to contact the grandmother and Kent's mother whom had also passed. Kent asked several questions and the answers he got really seemed to help. This was great. This is why we do this, to help people. We were about to pack up at 1:00am when we started hearing noises in the kitchen. We tried to find the cause, but could not. At 2:00am we left.

Evidence: We got a few EVPs and some video of pans in the kitchen moving slightly. I am not sure what caused this because at the time one was in there or upstairs. We did get two orb pictures.

Conclusion: I think that there appears to be activity here. I can not say without a doubt that this house is haunted. Tony.    

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