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October 26th, 2007

October 26th 2007

Bethlehem NH

Team Members: Tony and Shannon

Equipment: Digital camera, digital voice recorder, and K II meter.

Investigation: This investigation is the second cemetery we have done. I like doing cemeteries because I have lived next to one for over thirty years.I am very comfortable in them. Although there is no one to help per say, I still think the spirits might welcome the opportunity to communicate. This being said, I hope to do more such investigations. We arrived at the location around 8:30pm. This investigation was supposed to include Nikki, Nancy, and Michele, but they could not make it that night. The two of us parked and wandered around while I took pictures and Shannon ran the recorder. We walked the grounds at least twice asking questions and snapping pictures. I had felt something at one point and Shannon had seen a shadow moving away from us. We left and went to the second cemetery in Bethlehem. This one is much older and an apparition of a lady has been seen there. Once again we took photos and did some recording. We left about 10:00pm.

Personal Experiences: Aside from the strange feeling I got, I had no other experiences. Shannon saw a shadow which she described as kind of skipping across the ground. Other than that, not much else.

Evidence: We did catch some EVPs and photos. Here they are.


Conclusion: I feel that because it is the final resting place of many people, a cemetery by default should have some paranormal activity. This one did. Tony - Lead Investigator.

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