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July 28th 2006

July 28th 2006
Location: Private - Littleton, NH

Outside temperature: 75 degrees

Inside temperature: 81 degrees

EMF readings: Cupola 1.5, 3rd floor 1.5, 2nd floor 1.5 – 2.5, 1st floor 1.5, Main hallway 1.5,
Carriage house 1.5.

Equipment: Cupola tape recorder, 3rd floor wireless camera, 2nd floor Base camp
camcorder, 1st floor small wired camera.

Team members: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Val, and Keegan.

What has been experienced: Maids will leave rooms only to return to find the TV is on.
Fans will come on by themselves. Front desk bell rings when no one is around. Things
occur in the other businesses on the property. Activity in room # 43.

The investigation: We arrived about 8:00 pm. We talked with E about what, where and
when things have happened. After this, we started to set up base camp. I decided the 2nd
floor would be the best place to set up. It was a hot night and I was sweating by the time
we got everything up and running. We started the investigation at 10:00pm. We did EMF,
temperature sweeps, photographs, and EVPs. E came up and asked if we could do room
19 because it was the room of a person who had passed. Nikki, Nancy, and Tony set up a
camcorder in the room. We also did EVP and pendulum dowsing in the room to try to
make contact. We had mixed results. It seemed like we made contact with the person in
question. We also heard footsteps in the hall which was funny seeing as how the hall is

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful. We stopped the investigation at 1:00 pm.

Evidence: We caught one EVP but it was only an incoherent whisper. On video we caught a
white orb coming down the hallway on the third. We also saw the light in room 43 go on
then off when no one was in the room. It happened once more. In photos we did catch one
orb that was there in one picture and not the next.

Conclusion: We were excited to do this one. It was our first. I can not say for certain that it
is haunted. There were still people coming and going all night so it was hard to get it dark
and quite. We were invited back, but that fell through.

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