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May 5th, 2007

 May 5th 2007

Sugar Hill, NH

Team: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Keegan, Val, Phyllis, Ray, Michelle, and Lolita.

Equipment: Small wired IR camera in bar, IR cameras in library, upstairs hallway, and kitchen. Digital cameras and audio recorders. EMF meter and Thermometer.

History: The Oakes family built the homestead in 1789. They lived there until the Richardson's bought the home in 1925. They put on a large addition and opened a hotel called Caramat Inn. By the 1950s they added on three cottages for the tourists. In 1972 the named changed to The Sugar Hill Inn. It is currently owned by Steve Allen.

Activity: Apparitions have been seen. The shadow of a man in the kitchen. Footsteps are heard on the stairs. A bed in one of the rooms appeared to have been sat on after the bed was made. A plant pot in the lounge slid off the mantle and fell to the floor without breaking and no one touching it.

Investigation: I had wanted to do the inn for awhile. I had heard stories of it being haunted. Phyllis used to chambermaid there and had some weird feelings. We got permission to do the investigation from the owner Steve Allen. Val is the chef there and talked to him about it. Steve had shut the inn down while he was on vacation. We had run of the whole place. I sent Nikki, Nancy, and Michelle out to take photos. The rest of us set up base camp in the front room. We then ran the wires for the cameras. By the time all of this was done, it was time to got lights out. Having such a large group, we could separate into several groups. I was surprised at how big the inn was. Basically, there are two wings with an upstairs on both. They are joined by the front lobby. I mixed the groups up every so often so that everyone got to investigate. We took a break about 10:30. When we got back, we noticed the camera in the hallway  was pointing wrong. It had happened earlier in the night also. When we checked out the camera, we noticed the closet door was open. No one had left it open and everyone was accounted for. Again we fixed the camera and began to investigate once more. Nancy, Nikki, and I decided to do a pendulum session in the library. We did have some interesting results. By 1 o'clock, everyone was getting tired so we packed up and left.

Personal Experiences: There was a lot of experiences that night. While Nikki was taking pictures, she went to open the closet door in one of the rooms. ( The camera was in this room pointing down the hallway.) She felt the door being pulled out of her hand. When we checked the closet, the temperature in the closet was noticeably colder than in the room. Several pictures were taken, but nothing came out. I was at base camp and I saw the camera in that same room move. I called up to see where the team was that was up there. They were not in the area. I checked the camera and noticed the whole tripod had moved. The wire was taped down so no one tripped on it to cause it to move. The camera was pointing in such a way that no one could get to it without being seen. After fixing the camera, Michelle, Nikki, and I decided to sit in that room and see what would happen. We did some EVP work as well as mini DV recorder. Michelle and I both felt like there was something down the hallway. She saw a shadow move from one room to the next. I then saw what appeared to be a head peak around the door frame. I went running down the hall and just as i got into the room I saw a shadow dissipate. The room was 10 degrees colder then the rest of the floor. The second time the camera moved we noticed the closet door was open. Ray heard some whispers in the library when he went to the bathroom. A humorous experience happened in the Betty Davis room. I was in there with Nikki, Michelle, and Keegan when I started to sing Betty Davis Eyes. Nikki joked that if the spirit wanted me to stop singing it should poke me. Just then I felt a poke on my butt! I spun around thinking they were pulling a joke on me, but no one was within five feet of me. I guess the spirit didn't like my singing.

Evidence: We caught some pictures and EVPs. We also have some video, unfortunately I
can't transfer it from VHS to my computer. Once I do, I will add it.


Shadow in the window. Both Anthony and Michelle saw this.

Weird light anomaly in the tree.

Orb in the window.

Conclusion: With the evidence we caught, I definitely feel this Inn to be haunted. We had a great time and I want to thank Steve for allowing us to do this investigation. The Inn is open so if you are interested in staying over night and maybe having your own experience, give them a call. Tony





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