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November 4th, 2006

November 4th 2006

Private residence in Dalton NH     
Team members: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Val, Keegan, guest investigators Shannon and Allen.

Equipment: EMF detector, digital recorders, thermometer and cameras, wired
IR camera, wireless IR camera, and camcorder.

Types of activity: A silver disc or orb has been seen. Shadows and apparitions have been seen in the bedroom off the kitchen. Music and voices in the bathroom.  Pounding has been heard in the main bedroom. Quilts move in the  bedroom. The bedrooms and the kitchen are the most active.

History: A man choked to death in bed and a fire damaged one of the trailers that the house was built around.

The Investigation: We arrived at the house about 8:00 pm. We were given a walk through and told where the activity has been taking place. We decided on where the cameras would be set up. We set up the wireless camera in the main bedroom and the small wired one in the second bedroom. The camcorder was put in the kitchen. We put a mini tape recorder in the bathroom. Home base was set up in the dining room. By 10:00pm, we started to investigate. We broke up into small groups to hold our vigils in different parts of the house. We all had the opportunity to check out all areas where activity had occurred. At 12:00am, we all gathered in the living room for some pendulum work. We invited the owner to join in and ask questions. We seemed to have contacted several different spirits. One appears to be grounded here for whatever reason. This really affected
some of our group.

Personal Experiences: The group all seemed to have some kind  of experiences. I saw a shadow pass in front of a window and felt a cold spot. Shannon felt something touch her hair and also felt a cold spot. Nikki saw a shadow. The people watching at base camp saw some strange acting orbs on the monitors.

Evidence: We caught several photos with orbs and many EVPs. The video showed nothing unusual. Unfortunately, one of the video tapes turned out to be defective. That is the price of getting cheap VHS tapes.

I feel that the house has paranormal activity given the owners and our experiences, plus the EVPs captured. The owner has expressed that they would like a follow up investigation and possible house cleansing.  Tony Lead Investigator

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