EMF: Electromagnetic Field This is a field that is believed to be present when there is paranormal activity.

EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon These sounds maybe from spirits that are caught on recording devices. These are not heard at the time, but during playback.

IR: Infrared Helps to see in low or no light situations. Used with video cameras.
ORBS: Light Anomalies These can be from spirits or dust or just free floating energy.
APPARITIONS: The manifestations of  spirit energy.

RESIDUAL HAUNTING: When energy is released into the atmosphere, it may charge a certain place(house, hotel, etc.)Then at random times, releases as sounds or smells or even apparitions.

INTELLIGENT HAUNTING: When a spirit is present, it will interact with people and the environment. It may throw things or touch people.

INHUMAN HAUNTING: Evil entities that have never walked the earth in human form.

GROUNDED SPIRIT: A spirit that for what ever reason can or will not leave.

VISITATION: A spirit that for reasons of their own come back to visit a place or person.

COLD SPOTS: These are areas that a spirit maybe trying to manifest. It takes a lot of energy to do this. So when a spirit draws this energy it leaves the area feeling cold.

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