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If you think that your residence is having paranormal activity and you want a professional team to come in and validate it, then give us a call. Contact Anthony by phone or email and please be specific about what is going on in your household. Here is what we would like:

Your Name.
Your Location (town and state). We won't need your address until we have a concrete idea of if we will do the investigation and if its at a reasonable distance.
What activity is occurring. I.E. Are you seeing shadows? Are you seeing full body apparitions? Weird noises? Stuff like that.

If its something that we would like to take on, then you should also have a date in mind. We're mostly available for weekends, but if your schedule is hectic on weekends then we are willing to work out a date.

Not an email person? No problem. Just give Anthony a call at 603-444-7142.


Thank you for your interest in Northeastern Paranormal Investigation, we're ready to help you!

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