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August 11th, 2007

August 11th 2007

Lisbon NH.

Team Members: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Keegan, and Dustin - guest investigator.

Outside Temperature: 50 degrees

Inside Temperatures: 80 degrees

EMF Readings: none

Equipment: Camera 1 - pointing down hallway. Camera 2 - guest bedroom. Digital cameras, Audio recorders Mini DV.

Brief History: The trailer belongs to Gretchen and Mark. It is on land that used to have a house on it. A man was found outside one night when he was locked out of his house. He did not died there, but passed away a short time later.

Activity: Shadows are seen. Cold spots. People feel uneasy in the shower.

Investigation: We arrived at the trailer and did a walk through and decided to set up base camp in the living room. My nephew Dustin was along on his first investigation and we all showed him what we do. We stared recording at 9:30 pm. I took Dustin into the bathroom to do EVPs. The clients were outside at a bonfire. The coyotes were howling all around us. It set a good mood for the night. At about midnight, we held a pendulum session on the deck. The previous owner was found just of the deck. We seemed to contact him. He was happy with the Gretchen and Mark. Their grandson was fascinated with watching the cameras. We ended about 1:00 am.
Personal Experiences: While I was in the bathroom with Dustin, I felt a cold spot and saw a red orb in the shower. We also felt a cold spot in the living room. We shut off the ceiling fan to see if that was causing it . It was not.

Evidence: We got a few pictures and several EVPs.


Conclusion: Aside from the EVPs, I would say this place has some activity, but not haunted. I will keep in touch to see if the activity picks up. Tony lead investigator.

P.S. - these are pictures that the home owners took the next day. This spot was not there before we did the investigation. It is on the spot where the previous owner was found shortly before he passed away. We did ask for a sign. What do you think?

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