Tuesday, May 28, 2013

June 7th, 2008

Date: 6/7/2008
Location: private residence in Littleton, NH

Team: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Michelle

Equipment: 3 stationary cameras, digital camera, digital audio recorders
Client Experience: Homeowner sees lights in bedroom when she wakes up at night. She feels that she is followed up the stairs. Husband doesn’t experience these things. Daughter has seen the apparition of her aunt in her bedroom. She sensed that the spirit was unhappy.

Investigation: Cameras were placed on the stairs, in the master bedroom and in client’s daughter’s room. EMF and temp. readings were taken in every room. EVP sessions were conducted in the basement, daughter’s room, and the oldest son’s room.
Personal Experience: Tony saw shadows in daughter’s room. Upon entering the oldest son’s room, the track lighting flickered on and off. We tested the floor and bumped into the switch to make it happen again, but nothing happened. During the EVP session in the basement, there were scratching sounds which seemed to correspond with our questions. Upon further investigation, we discovered a small hole in the ceiling, which could allow for a small creature to be there.

Evidence: pictures of track lighting and around a cold spot in the kitchen.
Conclusion: Due to responses during EVP sessions, we feel that the client’s daughter could be sensitive to spirit activity and is visited by her aunt occasionally. We also feel that we contacted a former owner of the house through pendulum dowsing and that “she” is the one who follows the client up the stairs.

Note: During the reveal to the homeowners, we were told that the client no longer feels as though she is being followed up the stairs. We determined that if there was spirit activity in the house, it wasn’t malignant. -Nikki

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