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September 8th, 2007

September 8th 2007

Lisbon, NH.

Team Members: Tony, Nikki, Nancy, Keegan, Michele, Shannon, Alan, and guest investigator RJ.

Outside Temp: 65 - 70.

Inside Temp: 78 downstairs 80 - 82 upstairs.

EMF Readings: Breaker box in cellar and outlets had small readings.

Equipment: Camera 1 pointing up stairs. Camera 2 hallway. Camera 3 blue bedroom. Voice recorders, Digital cameras, IR cameras.

History: The house, which is located on five acres, is over a hundred years old. According to one account, it was built on or near a native American meeting place or village. Arrowheads and such have been found on the property. It also stands next to the Grovehill Cemetery. The current owners are George and Kathy Ardolino.

Activity: My family has lived in this house for over thirty years. I have seen my bedroom closet door open on its own many times. Most family members have seen shadows move across the upstairs hallway. A phantom cat has been seen recently running up the stairs. The smell of perfume has been experienced. Knocks and thumps have been heard.

Investigation: My parents went out of town for vacation, giving us the chance to do an investigation. We have wanted to do one for awhile. We set up base camp in the dining room. After setting up the equipment, we began with evp sessions. There were several groups going at the same time. After a couple of hours, we decided to go into the cemetery. We had done this one before, but not all of us. We had several recorders and cameras going. We did a pendulum session using two pendulums. We were trying to contact a friend who had passed. We seemed to, but then something else started to take over. We stopped and head back to the house. We stopped to say a prayer before leaving. Once back at the house, some of us went up to the " blue room" for evp and pendulum work. We had a good session. By now it was past 1:00 am and we decided to pack up and go home.

We caught some evps. No photos.
Conclusion: Although we did not catch any photographic proof, the evps were good ones. I am wondering about the check attic one. I have been in the attic several times and never noticed anything out of the ordinary. I will try to get back into it again and bring a camera and a recorder. I feel this place is haunted but I am biased. What do you think? Tony

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