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November 18th, 2006

November 18th 2006

West Bath, N.H.

Team Members: Tony, Nikki, Keegan, and Nancy.

Equipment: Wireless IR camera in child's bedroom, IR camera in the kitchen.

Activity: Objects move across table and counters. Picture fell of the wall and landed several feet away. Son has seen face in bedroom window.

History: A new trailer has replaced an old one. There was a house on the property before that.

The Investigation: We met friends of the client at 7:30pm at the  Bath Brick Store. We followed them to the client's home. We did a short walk through and heard the stories of activity. We then set up base camp in the living room and placed the cameras. After a recording check, we did photos and EMF sweeps. By 10:00pm, we were ready to start recording. It was a small trailer and fairly new, so I Didn't think much would happen, We did an EVP session in the kitchen that started with a knock on our first question, then not much after that. We did a pendulum session around midnight. We had some interesting results, but nothing conclusive. By 1:00am, we had finished packed up and left.

Evidence: I was surprised at the evidence we gathered. No video. One bright orb picture. Several good EVPs

Conclusion: I do not feel this is actively haunted. The EVPs we collected were very interesting, but that alone is not enough. This case is still open. Tony Lead Investigator.  

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